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Penultimate Week

Hello again everybody!

I have just come to the end of my third week in Tanzania and it brings a great sadness to think that I only 3 days left in Tanzania! However after those three days I will be in Zanzibar so I guess every cloud really does have a silver lining.

This week I have been working at Ngome Health Centre (as I told you in my last post) and it has been the most enjoyable week of my trip so far! I have done circumcisions (took a long time to pluck up the courage to do that!) and I have also shadowed doctors in an outpatients clinic. The work in OPD (out-patients) has been really interesting, not so much the fact I was in a GP environment but because I was given freedom to suggest the management, diagnosis and treatment of each patient and discuss my ideas with the doctor; it really felt like my opinion was valued and slightly made me feel like an actual doctor (even though I am far off that stage!)

The Health Clinic at Ngome runs circumcision for all male residents in Iringa. This is due to a campaign run jointly between USAID and Johns Hopkins University in which all males in Tanzania have the option to be circumcised for free. The reason for this is to help control that transmission of HIV/AIDS in Tanzania as there are more cases of HIV related deaths in Tanzania than any other African country. It has been found that becoming circumcised reduces the transmission of HIV by 60% so USAID use this as their “slogan” for their campaign: “Mwanuame Zaidi 60%” – means “60% more male” and is used to attract men to become circumcised and hopefully reduce the transmission of HIV in Tanzania. So being at Ngome I have helped with the campaign and circumcised some African men – not the most pleasant experience of my life!

Other than being in hospital I have been doing some more reading into my book on Brain Plasticity, I have done some more UKCAT revision, worked more on my personal statement, been out for drinks (with our doctors, getting Shagalabhagala!) and dinner, lounged around the house and bought lots of books that I will need for when I return to England.

Unfortunately this weekend has been an especially sad one as lots of my friends I have made have left to go home! However we have an influx of 12 new people arriving in the house today so the house should become more lively! I just want to say thank you to all the guys that have left back to England for making the trip very special and I hope to meet up with all of you as soon as possible!

Thats it for this week and sadly this will be my last post from Africa! This time next week I will be getting on my plane to return to England and at 9:15 on Monday morning I shall be touching down at Heathrow. All I can say is “I hope it’s warm when I get home!” but knowing England it will probably be raining!




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