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Hey Everyone 🙂

I’m now half way through my time in Tanzania 😦 however the two weeks I have spent here so far have been the best two weeks of my life. Lots of the “original” people that were here when I arrived have left now which is sad, but the new people are equally as good. I had an amazing time yesterday at the local orphanage and I had a great first day at the Healh Centre in Ngome today.

Last week I was on the Paediatric ward at Tosamaganga hospital which was good fun, aside from the fact it was slightly repetitive. The group of us made friends with two of the young patients on the ward: one called Chiotta who had broken his elbow and one boy called Nobbid who had a rare bacterial infection in his bones meaning he’s wheelchair bound. The week went surprisingly fast and paediatrics certainly helped it seem like a quick week. I can’t believe I am now almost half way through my 3rd week of my 4 week trip! This week I am in the health clinic in Ngome and today I shadowed the “outpatient consultant” who is effectively a GP. Although I don’t like the idea of becoming a GP at all my experience was really fun as the doctor (who is a legend) allowed me and the girl shadowing him to diagnose patients, say what treatment they needed and any tests they needed. I hopefully will be doing this again tomorrow as it was really fun. However Neurosurgery is still my ideal specialisation so don’t worry guys 😉

Also this week I have been doing some reading of a book called “The Brain that Changes Itself” which is all about brain plasticity. I would go into more detail about it but I don’t really have enough time now. Also I’ve had a friend of mine also on the programme read through my personal statement with me and we managed to get it from 2675 words to 643 words! Aside from this I have just been into town, going out with the guys at night for dinner, visiting the orphanage and playing a game of football. Unfortunatly our house lost the game of football against the other house but we have a chance to redeem ourselves tomorrow evening in the Student vs. Staff football match.

Just to finish up i’d like to say thanks to the guys that have now left the Gap Medics house and are back in their respective countries. I hope you had an amazing time and we’re all missing you (especially Anne and Darius!) Also i’d like to send condolences to everyone who has had a loved one/friend injured in the riots at the moment and I hope that they don’t escalate further!

Well thats enough for one day. I will update you again next week on events taking place this week.

Louis x


2 responses

  1. Hello Louis,

    We like reading your blogs with the information about your stay in Tanzania. Very interesting. You seem to have a wonderful, amazing time. Very special to do a thing like this at your age. We are proud of you!!
    You will never forget these weeks in your life, I suppose.
    You have still 2 weeks to go, enjoy every day of it!!!!
    Love oma and opa

    August 11, 2011 at 8:08 am

  2. I’m very much enjoying the personal statement reference… 😉 x

    August 22, 2011 at 7:57 pm

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