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Only 3 weeks to go!

Hi there guys! Sorry for another long delay in writing I have just been attempting to get everything sorted before I leave for Tanzania!

Well the last 2 months have pretty hectic for me! I’ve had my mock exams, university open days, planning and starting to write my extended essay and personal statement,  and making sure I have everything I need for Tanzania.

Now it is only 3 weeks until I fly away to Tanzania and I am so excited its unreal! My scrubs, surgical crocs, surgical masks and safety goggles have all arrived and I now feel like a real surgeon (even though I still have a LONG way to go until I get there 😦 ) I now know who my house mates will be for my time in Tanzania as well and it looks like i’m going to be with some amazing people that I will end up being good friends with forever.

As well as getting prepared for Tanzania I have been doing my mock exams which I have now finished and got my results from. The results from my mocks go towards my predicted grades that universities look at. My predicated grades at the moment are; 6, 6/7, 7 at higher level and then 7, 7, 6 at standard level with 2 (out of 3) for my extended essay. That sets my overall score at 41 which means my dream of going to Oxford is still very much on the cards!!! On Wednesday I will be looking around Oxford with my school so I will keep you updated on how that goes and what I think of it via my twitter… If anyone doesn’t have my general twitter here it is; http://twitter.com/#!/louyssennagger and for those of you that want to follow any tweets while I am in Tanzania they will be posted here; http://twitter.com/#!/Tanzania_2011 🙂

My life just seems so hectic at the moment! But I quite like it! Its not the type of work I want to be doing but I know that when I have got this work done to the right standard I will get to medical school and then I will be studying my passion 🙂 that is what keeps me going through this time of coursework, essays and personal statements.

I think I will leave this post here but I promise that I will update next week when I have time 🙂 I will make sure I update this blog once a week before I go to Tanzania! So bookmark this page and check back regularly so you don’t miss out on anything! 🙂



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