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Hi Guys,

Finally I am posting again! Sorry for such a long delay between the last post and this post but I have had so much coursework, revision and university preparations to do that I haven’t had time to fit in creating a new post! Anyway I am just going to fill you in on what I’ve been up to over the past 2/3 months,  how its all going and what I’m going to be doing in the coming months before I fly away to Tanzania.

Well where do I start?!? In the past 2/3 months I have been to my first ever university open day at Cardiff and I loved it! I’ve also done revision for my mock exams that start in the coming few weeks, the results of which are used for predicted grades :S Also I have been looking into the idea of going to university in America. University in America really appealed to me but I think the amount of paperwork that is needed isn’t worth doing unless I don’t receive any offers from universities in the UK. So thats what my gap year will consist of if I don’t receive any university offers.

Moving away from my general life at the moment, I have almost finalised every detail of my trip to Tanzania and my outbound flight date is approaching faster than I could have hoped! In 3 months time I will be sitting in my room in the Gap Medics house in Tanzania after a day of work at the local hospital having witnessed something amazing that I would not be able to see at a hospital in England. This thought as well as visiting a new country with like-minded people is why I literally cannot wait until the day that I arrive in Tanzania. I feel that it is there my passion for medicine will be taken to a new level, seeing the Tanzanian children and helping them will open my eyes to a new world. So, only a few more things to do for Tanzania now, I get my vaccinations on Friday, my final balance payment is due on the 25th May and then all thats left to do is buy my travel insurance and receive my Class C residence permit and I’m all ready to go to Tanzania! And now, I am too excited for words!

Also, if anyone of you lovely gentle-men or gentle-women have twitter I have just set up a twitter account where you will be able to follow tweets straight from Tanzania, and also posts from this very blog!

I hope you enjoy the blog. Keep checking back on here every week or so as I will be updating the blog a lot once my exams are done!



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  1. hannie ijssennagger

    Hello Louis,

    Nice to see that you started writing on your Tanzania blog again. Interestin. Anyway, within a few weeks we can hear all details from you personally. We love to be with you for a few days and talk with you about all those interesting things.

    May 6, 2011 at 8:47 am

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